BlueTribe , a brand dedicated to revolutionise meat consuming methods, has launched its new invent as Plant based Chicken Keema and Nuggets in Kolkata.

BlueTribe has also a range of saucy chicken sausages, made up of pea protein processed to offer gravy groovy chicken like taste.  Company has a extending plan to re-invent whole chicken and meat based offerings in a precise manner without compromising any sort of taste and energy.

Brand has roped in Vegan World Kolkata, and aims to use its vastly spread network of supply to penetrate the consumer base and serving it. Vegan World Kolkata, is India’s only ‘vegan-only’ food Distributor. This strategic partnership will grow in time being making BlueTribe more available to its patrons.

Sandeep Singh, co-founder, BlueTribe, said, “We are extremely grateful for the opportunity to launch our plant based chicken nuggets and chicken keema in Kolkata. The city is an embodiment of rich literature, amazing artistic values and mouth-watering delicacies. It also has a brimming, enthusiastic and large population of non-vegetarian lovers which made it the perfect geography to expand our products.”

“With BlueTribe, our overarching goal is to facilitate a conscious lifestyle change in everyone’s life. The amount of meat we consume collectively is affecting our ecosystem drastically. It is resulting in the emission of greenhouse gases such as methane, carbon dioxide and nitrous oxide. With our products, we aspire to offer premium plant-based meat products induced with high protein and fibre, so that little lifestyle changes can be made without compromising with quality, taste or texture,” he added.

The brand has its motto cashing on the business of meat by ‘Meat-Ifying’ plant based ingredients without compromising even a speck of taste and improved or biofortified vitamins and minerals content. Currently, company is striving to add one of the essential nutrients – Vitamin B12 in existing range of products.


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