Bisk Farm has expanded its product range with the launch of Heylo T-Time cookies and Half Half Masti cookies. These new products aim to enhance the tea-time experience and cater to the diverse taste preferences of Indian consumers.

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Heylo T-Time Cookies are crunchy and crispy, filled with superfood ghee, and provide a wonderful balance of sweet and salty flavours, making them an ideal tea-time companion. Half Half Masti, on the other hand, is a unique cracker biscuit collection with a blend of sweet and salty flavours with a hint of enigmatic spice that will tempt biscuit enthusiasts to snack on.

Vijay Kr. Singh, Managing Director, SAJ Food, said, “Bisk Farm has always been committed to providing Innovative and high-quality biscuits that cater to the diverse taste preferences of Indian consumers while maintaining the quality that Bisk Farm is known for. We are excited to introduce Heylo T-Time Cookies and Half Half Masti. The two new products have been crafted using the finest ingredients to ensure that they offer a delightful taste experience to our consumers. We are confident that these products will be well-received by all biscuit lovers and will become a part of their daily tea-time routine.”

“The Company is gearing up to have a pan India presence and focus on deeper penetration in the South, Central, and North Indian markets for substantial revenue growth. The launch of these two products aligns with our vision of making Bisk Farm a truly national brand,” he added.

Bisk Farm’s latest product Heylo T-Time Cookies will come in SKUs of 51 gms and 192 gms for Rs 10 and Rs 35, respectively. Half Half Masti will be available in SKUs of 55 gms and 175 gms for Rs 10 and Rs 30, respectively. These two new cookies are now available at all General trade outlets and Modern trade outlets.


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