Bikano has introduced Peanut Ball, another delectable snacking option from its house. In a development which signifies bidding farewell to the year 2020 and to greet the New Year, the ‘master chef’ of India’s customary snacks has launched this mouth-watering peanut-based snack choice.

A few weeks following the launch of its widely-loved and acclaimed multi-grain chips, the company has again come up with a fantastic and flavoursome snack for its uncountable number of patrons.

Manish Agarwal, director, Bikano group stated- “Taste resides at the core of what an actual foodie desires. By transforming the humble peanut into Peanut Ball as one of the crunchiest and most delicious peanut-based snacks, we desired that the snack lover actually relish and feel the crunchiness with each and every bite that he devours. Simultaneously, its spiciness and piquancy would give a quick punch and impact of eating something fantabulous to those consuming it.”

“In India, eating moongphali or peanuts has been a traditional thing. Eating Moongphli is not just about a light evening snack, it’s an emotion in our country. People often discuss numerous day-to-day issues with their near and dear ones while de-shelling the peanuts and putting those little nuts into their mouths. The perfect crunchiness of those little balls in their mouths can elicit an uncountable number of thoughts in any person involved in a serious discussion. To that extent, the creatively formulated Peanut Ball literally turns out to be your food for thought. In addition, it is also an affordable food that almost everyone can buy, a handful of it at least. Considering the fondness for peanuts, we have ensured that the product has been fairly priced and made accessible across all channels and platforms of the brand,” Agarwal further said.

With a thought to make sure its broadest possible availability, the product has been sufficiently stocked across the general and modern trade network of the firm.


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