Bikano has unveiled new and healthier alternative for your snacks in face of Treatos- Multigrain chips, with goodness of nutritious grains and spicy hints. Bikano has placed its Multigrain chips portfolio in the public domain in two flavours like Tangy Tomato and Namak Chatak Masala serving as healthier substitute for your daily plain potato chips.

Curating amalgamation of nutritious grains like Rice, Wheat, Corn and Pulses company aims to promote healthier snacking habit in its health conscious customers. Pack comes with savoury crispy and crunchier Multigrain chips inside an attractive wrapper.

The flavour Tangy Tomato is a sheer Tomato based flavour with sharp and palatable rejoice to your tongues right from the tip to the top while Namak Chatak Masala is for the slice and spice craving bunch who enjoys more with the heaps of salt and combination of spices.

Taking care of its popularity and prospecting greater outreach and penetrations, company has launched it in cheapest price range of the snacks i.e in Rs 5, making it purchasable by the larger sections of the society.

Manish Agarwal, director, Bikano, said, “With more and more people increasingly becoming health conscious and wanting to opt for healthy and nutritious snacks, there has been a latent demand for healthy snack products which could be similar in taste and texture to the widely popular potato chips. We wanted to meet that demand by coming up with these two multigrain chips products. While Chatak Masala is a classic spicy savoury in a healthy form, Tangy Tomato again offers a nutritious alternative to traditional potato chips.”

“Although Diwali has ended, the festive season continues right through to the end of this year. We wanted to participate in the prolonged celebrations by launching new products. What better than offering new products of healthy multigrain chips for our consumers,” added Agarwal.

Product is on shelves on all of its wider network of sale ranging online, offline, retails globally.


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