Bikano is all set to bring savoury treats to your tables, this festive season. Bikano brings a wide range of savouries ranging from Aloo Bhujia-Lemon Chaska, Chutney-Sev, Chatpata Mixture, to Manpasand Mixture, Lajawaab Mixture, Daal Mixture, and Dry Fruit Mixture.

Savouries and salty snacks are quite popular in Hindi speaking states and regions of Native states. Newer addition are being introduced aiming the turnover of Rs 75 Crore.

Except for Lajawaab Mixture, each of these products comes in Rs. 5 and Rs. 10 pack. Lajawaab Mixture has been priced at Rs. 10 (40g), Rs. 109 (500g) and Rs. 55 (250g). Significantly enough, both Aloo Bhujia-Lemon Chaska and Chutney-Sev have the highest weight for this price point in this category offering true value for money.

The new range of products includes multiple spice-based flavors to augment Bikano’s presence in the rapidly growing ‘traditional snack’ segment. With the launch of its new range ‘Aloo Bhujia-Lemon Chaska’, ‘Chutney-Sev’, ‘Chatpata Mixture’, ‘Manpasand Mixture’, ‘Lajawaab Mixture’‘Daal Mixture’ and ‘Dry Fruit Mixture’, Bikano expects to earn an additional revenue of Rs 75 crore. The brand is already worth over Rs. 1000 Cr.

“The salty snacks market in India has witnessed a remarkable evolution and growth in recent years. With a wide proliferation of Indian-flavored packaged snacks, we have witnessed the introduction of multiple new product segments and diverse ethnic flavors. The bhujia category and mixture category are two of the most rapidly growing salty snack segments in India and our new product line aims to leverage this market trend. Offering new products on regular basis has been a prime focus of the brand. Apart from this, the new range is expected to give us a sales surge of up to Rs 75 crore in the coming fiscal,” said Manish Agarwal, Director, Bikano.

“With the Holi season upon us, the demand for in-home snacks is bound to increase as people socialize more and experiment with new savouries. Gifting of packaged salty snacks is another area that has gained prominence in recent years and we are also expecting to capitalize on the festive gifting season to boost the sales of our new product range” added Agarwal.

“Packaged food segment will never go out of demand” as showed by the surge in demand of packaged savouries and snacks even in the pandemic seems promising for the new launches from Bikano.


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