Bijak, an agritech B2B marketplace that has been connecting both buyers and sellers all over India has gone ahead with its launch of logistic services in 2 of the biggest Indian states, namely Uttar Pradesh and Maharashtra. Through these launches, Bijak aims to provide easy trading of commodities throughout India. This service can be availed directly by agri-traders belonging to these states with the help of Bijak application for both interstate as well as intrastate trading. Moreover, by using this service, the agri-traders can be benefitted immensely, owing to this service ensuring affordability as well as timely dispatch of the various commodities.

Through its new service, Bijak aims to target at least 25,000 traders in both Maharashtra and Uttar Pradesh. Currently, Bijak has their presence in 27 states and 916 regions. Currently, Bijak is engaged in the trading of more than 110 commodities through its platform. Fundamentally, it aims to offer more flexibility, convenience, cost effectiveness, in addition to providing market linkages to all the sellers and buyers that are involved in the agri-supply chain. Staying aligned to its vision, Bijak has moved a step forward to facilitate transparent trading, in addition to offering services that include credit, payments/escrow and logistics.

Bijak aims to bring about trust as well as transparency in the trading system along with multiple trading options, fair pricing as well as an efficient and agricultural market linkage that is free of any barriers. An online marketplace/network of verified agri-traders has been created by Bijak with the help of its proprietary rating tool that addresses the trust deficit, including enhancing the accountability among all the stakeholders that include farmers and LAs by providing access to more trustworthy buyers and sellers. Moreover, Bijak acts as an e-ledger for both buyers as well as suppliers by maintaining the transaction history for both of them.

The Co-Founder of Bijak, Nikhil Tripathi stated as follows: “We have observed a gap in last mile deliveries among our traders. We believe that with our new initiative, we will be able to provide them long term solutions to their emerging needs of logistics and as the world revives to the normal. Bijak uses a network of logistics providers across the country to fetch the best rate which is 10% cheaper than other logistics services.”

The Bijak App is now being made available in various languages, including Hindi, English, Tamil, Punjabi, Bengali and Assamese. The company has been engaged in collaborations with all the existing players present in the value chain, which include Agricultural Produce Market Committee traders, Institutional Buyers and other agritech startups. Bijak is bridging the gap between the Local Aggregators and Commission Agents through technology and is bringing about transparency in the value chain.


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