Biffa joins Nestlé waters UK in all capacity to reduce the load of virgin plastic over the market cover of the company. Biffa along with Nestlé UK aim to recollect all the recyclable pet bottles and converting them info food grade rPET plastics.

Increasing amount of Virgin plastic on the globe is a call that mankind should shift to the degradable alternatives of the issue. Main aim of this step is to reduce the load of Virgin plastic and an award shift towards the food grade rPET which is sustainable and at the meantime safer.

Biffa claims that the plastic recycling pace will be quadrupled in a bracket of time and all the huge amount of rPET that will be supplied to Nestlé will be delivered directly from the new recycling facility at County Durham.

The facility worth £27.5 million is capable of recycling 1.3 billion plastic bottles per year and will provide the Nestlé waters Buxton facility with new rPET by 2021, made from recycled plastics.

“This is a hugely significant step forwards in achieving our commitment of making our Buxton range from 100% rPET,” said Michel Beneventi, managing director for Nestlé Waters UK.

“By working together, sharing expertise across our companies to advance rPET recycling for circularity, I believe we can be a force for good, helping to create positive, long-lasting impact and change for the planet.

“Having access to a local rPET supply reduces the carbon footprint of producing, sourcing and transporting our packaging from outside the UK and demonstrates the value that plastic drinks bottles have when they are recycled.”

Both being members of Plastic pact UK, stated.
“We are very pleased to see two of our UK Plastics Pact members embracing the spirit of collaboration on which the Pact is founded,” said Helen Bird, strategic engagement manager at the Waste & Resources Action Programme (WRAP), which launched the initiative.

“It is only by working together, across the supply chain, that we can reduce our reliance on virgin plastics and bring an end to plastic pollution.”


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