VARAHI Ltd. is a manufacturer and bottler of premium most natural mineral water brands. The company has been part of the Indian Sattvic Culture by bringing the most premium natural water which is pure, wholesome and has all the goodness of nature, unaltered. Every drop of water that VARAHI Ltd. produces at their state-of-the-art plant uses the latest technology. VARAHI Ltd. is associated with leading manufacturers who settle for nothing short of the best with uncompromising standards of quality, especially in the FMCG, F&B and Hospitality sectors, including Vivanta, Sky Chef, Tajsata, WHSmith, Hyatt, Chefair flight catering, Red Ginger Hospitality, Jaypee Hotel & Resorts, Radisson, Sky Gourmet, Samrat, PVR, Pind Balluchi, CCD, Future Consumer, Ferns n petals, Air India, Bercos, 24 Seven, and Narang Group.

The certificate was handed to Pramit Sanghavi, Managing Director of VARAHI Ltd. by Abhishek Biswas (Founder & Secretary General: SCI).

This event was marked by the presence of Vagish Pathak, (Chairman, Sattvik Council of India) that focused on reducing the “carbon footprint” of products. There is a significant emphasis on the environmental impact of packaging, which has prompted numerous measures by VARAHI Ltd. to lower its carbon footprint and bolster its “Vegetarian Friendly Environment” reputation.

“It’s a pleasure to be associated with a brand like VARAHI Ltd., where the objective is to increase healthy water consumption and set a benchmark by terminating the processes harming nature. Sattvik Verification is important for the water and its packaging that is being produced in compliance with Sattvik Parameters to gain trust and confidence in the Vegetarian Oriented Market. Our vision is to cover all the upcoming organizations focusing on vegetarian-friendly food and lifestyle in two years so that Sattvik Certified food and lifestyle can reach each and every location in India,” stated Abhishek Biswas, Founder, Sattvik Council of India.


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