Berco’s is all ready for yet another festival which started from 5th Dec.’2020, coming up with piping-hot sizzlers to embrace the cold winter wind blazing over Delhi-NCR. It is one of the longevous and most liked Asian cuisine eateries in the city. This comes with a guarantee from the restaurant to have their sizzlers sizzling and steaming till the last nibble of the dish is finished off the plate.

This festival is all about relishing this sizzling hot and delectable culinary wonders with your near and dear ones. Sizzlers are piping hot meals on a Platter that enchant almost everyone. To boost and edify the piquancy of these sizzlers, exotic Asian sauces are used. These sizzlers will undoubtedly make your taste buds overtaxed and they will start to blaze. The main attraction of this festival comprises of Bercos chilli chicken sizzler, Emperor favourite spicy chicken steak sizzler, Golden fried fish sizzler, and Veggie delight sizzler.

Kabir Advani, managing director of Berco’s Chain of Restaurants stated- “Being a Thai and Chinese Brand, we wish to keep exciting our customers by delivering them something creatively new every season. Asian Sizzlers aren’t very usual and we desire the guests to be able to relish and enjoy the genuine Asian Flavours in a sizzler style. We are very glad to set forth our own Sizzler’s festival publicly.”

Chef Sujit Bose, corporate chef at Berco’s Chain of Restaurants informed- “These sizzlers manifest the perfect balance of Protein, Carbohydrate and vitamins. Every plate is served with a side of rice or noodles.  We welcome you to come and wallow into this winter season with the Bercos sizzler festival. Each sizzler is a full meal in itself and is sufficient for a couple.”

Berco’s is one of the most unique brand in the culinary segment when we talk about the Chinese and Thai food. It has been the most preferred and loved name since its establishment in 1982. It is widely acclaimed for its flavourful and distinguished Chinese and Thai delicacies. With a vision to offer finest quality dishes prepared under hygienic environment and too at an affordable price, Berco’s is also known for its service par excellence.


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