Beneo has introduced its novel precooked functional native rice starch, Remypure S52 P. For the first time, it permits food manufacturers to manufacture clean label food preparations, like cold processed sauces, dressings, dairy desserts and bakery fillings with a quick functional native rice starch. The new ingredient provides soft and creamy textures and extraordinary product stability, even under stringent processing ambience like shear and acid.

It is now available worldwide, allowing food manufacturers to further adopt the clean label trend, using rice starch. As consumers continue to boycott products containing artificial ingredients, transparent and simple labels are in demand across the globe. Latest research has discerned that one out of four food and beverages launches have a clean label claim and this rises to one in every in case of sauces and seasonings.

Applications such as food dressings, sauces and dips, bakery fillings, or dairy desserts, customarily have to resist acidity and high shear during preparation, and it can be problematic to maintain optimal operations under these conditions. The functional native texturizer product offers manufacturers with an ideal solution to this problem. This pre-cooked starch works same as that of modified starches in cold processing environment involving low pH and high shear, whilst being clean label simultaneously.

Globally, consumers are hunting for genuine and natural ingredients. For instance, 50% of Asian consumers feel healthy eating as a target and are growingly calling for more naturalness. As per the latest worldwide research, when asked why consumers were fascinated to eat cleaner, almost three in every five consumers i.e. 62% confessed that it was so since it was more nutritious.

Rice is witnessed as a familiar and nutritious ingredient by the majority of consumers. Also, it imparts added creaminess and mouth feel to any recipe, thanks to the distinct properties of the rice starch granules. It has done well in taste trials, with spoon able dressings, ranch dips and bakery creams tested all gaining positive feedback, especially in case of the recipes’ creamy textures and stability.

Benoit Tavernier, product manager specialty rice ingredients at Beneo informed- “With the rising demand from consumers for transparent product labels, we are always searching for ways to aid our customers fulfill these market demands. Remypure S52 P has been created for food producers hunting for a quick clean label texturizer for food preparations that can resist tough process conditions, while imparting an extra creamy texture to the final product. It is the paradigmatic rice starch in the market for this kind of application and has already been loved in an array of taste tests. With the newly launched Remypure range of functional native rice starches, Beneo is well equipped to assist existing and potential new customers in their growth process of several new clean label products.”


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