BENEO, one of the leading manufacturers of functional ingredients, has recently announced their portfolio expansion through the launch of Beneo-scL85, a fructooligosaccharide (scFOS) with a short-chain structure.

Read: May 2023 Issue of Food InfoTech Magazine.

The introduction of this new variation provides customers with enhanced flexibility for substituting sugar and enriching food products with dietary fiber.

According to FMCG Gurus Global Clean Label & Naturalness Surveys 2023 – new data indicates that sugar reduction has gained significant importance among consumers, with over half of them (57%) globally stating that they are influenced by “low in sugar” claims when making purchasing decisions. Through the addition of scFOS into its portfolio, BENEO enables a wider range of customers to tap into this trend through innovative product development or reformulation. The expansion of ingredient options with Beneo-scL85 provides manufacturers with greater diversity and heightened potential to meet the high demand for reduced-sugar products.

scFOS, a fiber derived from beet sugar, presents a gentle and pleasant sweetness along with excellent solubility and natural attributes. These characteristics can enhance the taste and texture while providing opportunities for bulking in various applications like bakery, dairy, and cereals. The newly introduced ingredient, produced in a specialized facility in Germany, is now accessible for BENEO’s customers worldwide in the form of syrup, ready for purchase.

Utilizing scFOS enables the substitution of sugar while simultaneously incorporating dietary fiber. As a result, the nutritional composition of a product is enhanced, enabling manufacturers to attain higher ratings in front-of-pack nutrition labeling systems worldwide, such as NutriScore in Europe.

Eric Neven, Commercial Managing Director for BENEO’s Functional Fibres comments, “Short chain fructooligosaccharide from beet sugar is a valuable addition to BENEO’s portfolio because it increases flexibility and availability for our customers. In combination with the increased production capacity of our chicory root fibre production plant in Chile, BENEO’s short-chain fructoligosaccharide will further secure supply to meet the high demand for solutions to reduce sugar.”


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