Belvedere, a leading brand of Super-premium vodka has introduced ‘Made With Nature’ that proclaimed company’s wholesome tilt towards nature. This portfolio showcases curation of  Super Premium vodka using Polish Rye and pure water passing through archetypal distillation process and adding ultimate touch using fire while crafting.

Made With Nature is all set to venture the forum based on floor of extraordinary visual film, releasing soon portraying the basic ingredients and their zooming-booming health benefits.

It makes a clear statement about the company’s natural philosophy and key points of difference – simple ingredients, zero additives, mastery in crafting rye to impart distinct taste and a dedication to nourishing the earth from which its precious Polish rye comes.

Polish Rye is not a new stuff Unknown to brewers, it’s been used since ages, but ‘Made With Nature’ is doing it in most peculiar way. Company employs best practices with purified water for firm stage, fire as force behind distillation and signature purification process.

Belvedere will tell this story via a series of visually emotive films. In each piece, sweeping images of its core ingredients – rye, water and fire – convey the idea that simplicity of nature in its elemental forms can result in a rich vodka that imparts an unsurpassed taste and character.

Rodney Williams, CEO, Belvedere Vodka, said, “Many people do not realise that what sets Belvedere apart from other super-premium vodka competitors is that we are regulated by a strict Polish appellation. In fact, Poland was the first country to appellate vodka that way France or Italy appellate wines. This dictates nothing can be added to our vodka. The second element is that Belvedere exclusively uses the ancient grain of rye, which imparts richer flavor naturally.  This is key as more people are consciously considering how products are made, what they are putting in their bodies and what the brands are doing for the world. They are looking to discover new and different yet natural taste profiles. That’s what we are striving to deliver with ‘Made With Nature.’”


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