With the second wave of coronavirus hitting the nation, it is the time to double down on your immune-boosting, inflammation-reducing remedies. Some simple substitutes are to relax your mind and body, as well as stay in touch with nature. Practicing breathing exercises, taking a warm shower, and listening to gentle music help soothe anxious thoughts. But according to the medical professionals, one can also strengthen their immunity by maintaining a health-giving diet.

Dates are known globally for their health benefits as a superfood. They serve as a major source of vitamins A and K, which function as antioxidants in the body. These compounds lower inflammation, promote cellular health and boost the immune system. Ripe and dried dates, both, are excellent sources of vitamin C — which aids to keep diseases at bay, particularly the respiratory problems, as claimed by a press release recently issued by Bateel.

Organic dates harvested using sustainable farming practices, bestow a number of health benefits. Free from harmful chemicals, they guarantee a unique flavour profile. Bateel – cultivators of the world’s only gourmet dates — provide more than 20 organic date varieties to choose from. From premium offerings to nutrient-rich organic dates paired with dried fruits and nuts, these present a salubrious snack option, and an indulgent treat.

Other nutrient rich offerings by the brand include inimitable sparkling beverages made from apple and finest dates or apple and pomegranates, all-natural honey jars in different flavours, wide range of dried fruits and nuts. They also offer naturally sweet, tempting dried fruits such as crystallized ginger and succulent dried raisins.

Since its inception in 1991, Bateel is globally acclaimed for manufacturing and supplying the top-notch culinary experiences, offering the premium-quality gourmet dates, chocolates, butter cookies and gifting options. The collection of delectable gourmet foods and delicacies are prepared from wholesome, naturally sourced products.

Bateel is thus the brand of choice for food aficionados of fine foods around the globe.”


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