Badshah Masala has not only won the hearts of cooking aficionado all over the country but also of every 90’s kid through their exemplary jingle ‘Badshah Masala’.

Back in the day, every kid remembered all the words of the brand’s attractive verse and sang along any time it was telecasted on TV. Recently, Instagram influencer Ruhee Dosani gave the jingle a desi fun remodeling by doing a dance routine with her we desi gang to the new mix.


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The power-packed act on the masala mix track grabbed the attention of a number of fans of the Dosani as well as that of the brand on Instagram, witnessing 110, 200+ views on Instagram and more than a million on Dosani’s Tiktok account.

Hemant Jhaveri, managing director of Badshah Masala stated- “I loved the groovy makeover that Ruhee gave to our 50-year-old jingle. It reminded us of several old memories and made this a new incorporation in the hall of fame we have in our intellects. We’re happy that a whole new generation is trying to discern and be pleased with our legacy via Instagram and other social media platforms.”

Saurabh Pacheriwal, co-founder of Gemius, the agency that manages the creative and PR mandate of Badshah Masala declared- “I was seated with my team when we witnessed this video and all of us had the widest smiles on our faces. I’m sure that this new mix to the jingle is going to pave way for a whole new set of audiences for the company. More than 2 million people viewed the video within 24 hours. Such performances not only unify the audience together as a community but also motivate transformations along with multiplying the brand’s recall value.”


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