Prepared from the best-quality barley and hops, Bad Monkey Beer has 8% alcohol content to give both the valor that strong beer lovers yearn and a palate friendly taste that ameliorates the drinking experience. The company was initiated in July 2018 with the only aim of offering a distinct ‘brewtastic’ adventure to the consumer belt of strong beer and craft beer aficionados.

The Bad Monkey Beer company’s prime vision is to modulate the status of beer in the Indian market by instituting itself in the section of fine quality, strong and flavourful beer that can be purchased at an affordable price. As the entire brewery functions in the country, the company is able to deter off the extra import costs. In an attempt to reach out to more than 80% of Indian beer consumers and to be in accordance with their demand, it encompasses all the production procedures in a close-knit locale thus escalating production effectiveness.

The contemporary markets and diversification plans for the company targets to possess a big chunk in the share of India’s evolving beer industry. A number of versions to serve the multifarious consumer belt is in the plan of action and will soon be implemented. First in the list are segments of ‘premium mild beer’ as well as a ‘superior strong beer’. To accomplish all this, the company is planning to finance about 50 crores rupees in the next 3 coming years.

The Bad Monkey Beer brand has sourced over Rs 125 crores in overall brand sales since the time of launch i.e. 2-3 years ago. In such a brief time span, the exporting process has been started and has received a welcoming response in Melbourne, Australia. The brand has been well acclaimed by the public and has even been awarded prizes for its exemplary market performance and its appreciable style and quality that are at par with international archetype.

The brand targets to gather over Rs 1,000 crore in the coming 5 years, given the quality, market acceptance, response from the consumers as well as the well chalked out diversification plans even in pandemic situation.


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