Bacardi India has unveiled Martini Fiero, welcoming the new creation to the Martini portfolio. It is a contemporary take on vermouth that provides a tempting taste preserving all the goodness of Martini’s original white wine mixed with zesty and bold flavours of citrus, bittersweet orange, and wormwood making it an ideal drink for any occasion with family and loved ones.

Aastha Gupta, brand manager for premium white spirits (India and South East Asia), Bacardi India Private Limited stated- “With the constant growth of premiumisation in India, Bacardi has been focusing on expanding its portfolio of premium brands in the country. As consumers become more affluent, even within the context of the Indian market, people are drinking better and hence trading up to premium global brands. They are aware of the variants of Martini available in the international markets and we are thrilled to welcome Martini Fiero to India. Martini’s efforts have always been focused on the taste of the product. The consumers around the world love the refreshing flavours across Martini’s portfolio and we expect a similar response from our Indian consumers.”

Over the past few years, the brand has further reinforced its position in India as a premium brand. Acclaimed for its diverse brand portfolio, it is focussed at bringing premium quality spirits to the market. It is a major addition to the brand’s diversification in India. Martini has always worked towards re-inventing and adding newer innovations to its spirits.

With its natural aroma, colouring, and balanced bittersweet orange taste, it is crafted perfectly to go with tonic water and is having all that characteristics which make it the must-have spirit at every get-together and celebration. Enjoy this tantalizing drink preferably in a balloon glass with ice. Pouring in equal amounts of Martini Fiero and tonic water and then garnishing it with the blood orange wheel makes a perfect drink which is simply irresistible.

The product can now be purchased in Delhi, Gurugram, Mumbai, Bangalore, Goa, Nagpur, and Pune.


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