Since last 30 years the only name on which one can rely is AxorOcrim, which has established its name as leader in engineering, manufacturing, installation and processing in the sector.
Centlo, Italy based firm has special proficiency in this regard. With state of the art machinery and most suited skills it earmarks the produce as best. Some special features are its laser-cutting systems, machining centers, robotized and computerized welding machines fitted with CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing) controls.
AxorOcrim is a leading installer, manufacturer and engineer of complete lines in many countries ranging from North America, South America, Asia, Middle east and Italy itself having a record of 150+ installation of processing lines.
Some state-of-the-art products from the range is listed below:-
1.E.N.A short cut pasta line:- Uses any kind of raw material and produces the pasta even with the soft flour. The vaccum pressure adds more efficiency to the production.
2. L.P.L long cut Pasta line:- loaded with new thermal technology along with traditional double racks, constituting aluminium sticks and perfect mechanised solution.
3. L.P.L special shaped pasta line:- spacious pasta movements on the belt helps the special designing capability without risks of breakage.
4. Rotator Dryer Line:- Machine to dry by rotation, one can process pellet snacks, small sizes pasta so easily at minimal interaction.
The company also offers support service in tie-up with Ocrim named ‘AxorOcrim Remote service’. It is an integrated service fully developed by AxorOcrim providing Real time full control, accessibility by Axorapp, compatibility and management service.
With the moto “Technology has never had a better partner” AxorOcrim works diligently to serve the processing systems, the best in the world.


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