India is a mass scale sprawling market and producer of Dairy and its products and near about all the neighbouring and distant countries are keeping eye on probable spur it will add to them if invested well.
In the list , Australia seems to be the chart-topper which is planning to penetrate more in terms of investment and source the supply manifolds from its own homeland by 2035. Though it’s a long term prospect but initial steps are already been taken by the Australian counterpart.

The move is part of the Australian Government’s $6 million Agricultural Trade and Market Access Cooperation (ATMAC) programme to build stronger relationships with trading partners, neighboring countries and international organizations.

Under the scheme, Minister for Agriculture, Drought and Emergency Management David Littleproud said national body Dairy Australia had been awarded a $76,400 grant to build a long-term engagement plan with Indian dairy industry counterparts.

Also, the supply of dairy products will fall shorter by 2035 against the demand and as australian dairy processed food are worldwide famous, they will find a better place then.The ATMAC project will support long-term strategic engagement between the Australian and Indian dairy sectors to explore ways to improve collaboration and identify mutually beneficial opportunities.

Project is aiming to set Australian dairy market at the priority list to serve the both Indian and Australian continents with ample supply and mutual benefits could be availed preferably. Government has already announced seven key areas to work and $100 billion Ag2030 targets are also being set , which is important to build strategic partnerships like this.

As part of the project, a report on the Indian dairy sector has already been produced to provide an overview of Australian industry participants to better understand the Indian production systems and market. It is hoped this initial step will help focus Australian dairy businesses on possible areas for cooperation and relationships.”




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