Auber Gin plans to fill the audiences that step into bold flavours and craftsmanship by preparing the best vegetarian food in combination with a luxurious bar.

While every delicacy listed on the menu is cooked with utmost perfection in both delectable taste as well as impressive presentation, there are some signature dishes of chef Mirchandani at Auber Gin , that is worth trying if visiting this eatery. These include- Aubergine Pizza, Charcoal Spaghetti with assorted appetizers and salads, and Sandwich and Bagel Fusilli Pesto.

The mixologist Shatbhi Basu has established the STIR Academy of bartending and has also been awarded by the President of India and Ministry of Women and Child Development for being the first Woman Bartender of our country. She is the original creator of the special Vintage Revisited cocktails for the brand which would surely become one of the Signature drinks from this place.

Sumesh Menon has proficiently designed and decorated this 2500 sq.ft place.

Menon said- “The layout of the design incorporates latest design with a touch of European elements. The patina finished-metallic screen bar shapes the soul of the place with the ethos of an African black stone countertop. The place is seemingly motivated by the flamboyant artists as the craftsmanship around the restaurant expresses for itself. The artwork comprises the representation of human forms in dynamic motion behind the Bar, the metal frontage of the eatery impart it a European appearance. The ceiling is attractively influenced by nature and the floor work incorporates dark stone ornamented in a free-flowing mosaic chip which can makes one feel very cozy and relaxed to shift from an informal dinner to a lounge experience after 11 PM, which just rightly sets the mind frame as well as ambience.”


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