During the recently concluded PackPlus Expo held at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi, it was a pleasure for Food Infotech magazine’s Michelle Dennis to connect with Srikant and Stuti Jain from Arihant Packaging for an interview regarding their company. The company is into printing of Pealise BOPP Bags, PVC Shrink Sleeves, Flexible Laminates, Spout Pouches, Self Adhesive Labels, Corrugated Boxes, etc.

Srikant Jain is the Director of New Delhi-based Arihant Packaging and has a vision of expanding his business to all corners of India. So, let’s delve into the interview with this young couple who want to take their packaging business to new heights.

Q.1. Hi Shrikant Jain and welcome to the interview. We want to know first off how did you start Arihant Packaging? Where are you based?

I started Arihant Packaging in 2013, with a reference who told me that they would help me start with a backup plan to run the initial machinery and then it would be my capability and ability to run the business and get more work. We are based in New Delhi.

Q.2. What percentage of your business is in the food industry?

I would say about 40-50% of Arihant Packaging is in the food industry.

Q.2. Sustainability and biodegradable packaging are the buzzwords nowadays. What is your take on it?

A lot of people are talking about sustainability and biodegradable packaging and I really appreciate that. But as far as the plastic packaging industry is concerned like Arihant Packaging, there is hardly any work being done in that sphere. I also feel that people are not ready to pay for it as well.

Q.4. What are the future plans for Arihant Packaging?

Like other competitors in this space, we too are looking to expand the business. We are looking for the right channel partners to expand in multiple locations in India and also abroad.


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