Archroma, a global leader in specialty chemicals towards sustainable solutions, has announced that its ground-breaking Appretan® NTR range based on 30% renewable raw material can now be applied to impart barrier properties to selected types of food packaging.

Read: September 2022 Issue of Food InfoTech Magazine.

Consumers are increasingly frowning upon being served their favorite street foods or fast foods in polystyrene or plastic based boxes and wrappings. Paper-based packaging can offer a much more sustainable alternative if they are not lined with a plastic film which can make them unsuitable for recycling and composting. The solution is to carefully select paper coatings and barriers solutions which are fit for purpose and that are designed to make food packaging both safe for food contact and more recyclable.

Just a few months ago the company launched Cartaseal® VWAF, a PFC-free and ammonia-free* barrier for odorless paper-based food packaging, as well as in 2019, a ground-breaking binder, Appretan® NTR, made with 30% active content based on natural, renewable raw materials, designed for use in nonwoven articles such as tea bags and coffee filters.

In line with the principles of “The Archroma Way to a Sustainable World: Safe, efficient, enhanced, it’s our nature”, the paper & packaging R&D experts of Archroma decided to explore the properties of Appretan® NTR for paper-based packaging applications.

They investigated a new specific application aimed at providing a more sustainable barrier option for general food packaging used with a short contact time, such as burger or sandwich paper wraps.

The Appretan® NTR range is made with over 30% renewable raw material component, allowing the reduced use of fossil fuel based resources without compromising on the needed performance of water, oil and grease resistance. It is a more sustainably responsible option for packaging manufacturers and food retailers willing to help tackle the impacts of our food consumption habits.

The Appretan® NTR range is therefore at the core of NATURE BITES, a barrier system just launched by Archroma. In this new system, Appretan® NTR can be combined with Cartacoat® primers suitable for food contact that will seal the paper surface for further increased performance.

“Consumers are increasingly questioning how products are made, and expecting them to be harmless for themselves and their loved ones, and the planet”, comments Andy Bell, Head of Competence Center Paper Chemicals, who adds: “That is why it is critical that major food and beverage brands and retailers have a close look at their packaging supplier, and ensure that they work only with leaders in sustainable innovations such as Archroma. Appretan® NTR and the NATURE BITES system illustrate once again the commitment of Archroma to drive sustainable innovation in everything we do. Because it’s our nature.”


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