Aptar has announced the launch of new convenient product packaging for Italian food giant Ferrero’s Estathé, a sweet tea soft drink brand.

Read: May 2023 Issue of Food InfoTech Magazine.

Ferrero chose to collaborate with Aptar for their new Estathé packaging because of the Rocket closure’s extremely unique design, which was developed from consumer research and market insights to address numerous unmet consumer needs.

Commenting on the collaboration, Andrea Pepe, Sales Manager for Aptar Closures said, “Partnering with Ferrero in the development of this new generation of Aptar’s sports caps has been beneficial for both parties. Aptar provided technical support during line trials at Ferrero plant, while Ferrero provided valuable insights that Aptar utilized to further improve the closure design and functionalities.”


With Aptar’s Rocket sport closure, Estathé customers have a new resealable alternative. With this handy, resealable cap that offers a tight and secure shut for on-the-go use and the new Estathé design in their backpacks, parents can feel confident sending their children to school.


The hygienic double-wall lid offered by Rocket shields the drinking area from outside pollutants. Rocket was created with the safety of all customers in mind, and it complies with BSDA child safety regulations.


Rocket’s revolutionary design is recyclable, assisting customers in meeting environmental goals. Rocket provides a one-of-a-kind, highly visible, and non-detachable tamper evidence system, assuring that no plastic parts are detached and discarded. Additionally, the closure is attached to the bottle’s neck to ensure that it remains connected to the bottle throughout its lifecycle, increasing the possibility that the closure and bottle will be recovered and recycled together.

Rocket was born from consumer insights as the next generation of sport caps, redefining the standard for non-detachable, tamper evidence visibility.

  • Tethered lid and non-detachable tamper evidence promotes product safety
  • Highly visible tamper evidence that can be seen 2 meters away
  • Wide opening angle for drinking comfort
  • SimpliCycle™ valve technology aids in flow control
  • Available in 28mm neck finish (other neck finishes in development)


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