APIS India is broadening its portfolio by introducing new product APIS Saffron, which will be defeating the purpose whatever it is, be it medicinal and nutritional. Company claims 100% purity and authenticity of the product.

The APIS Saffron is available on all the e-commerce websites like Amazon and Flipkart at a mini packaging of 1gm priced at Rs. 310.

Saffron – A Wonder Herb (Source:Internet)

Pankaj Mishra, CEO, Apis India, said, “With a mission to expand the health portfolio, APIS India has added Apis Saffron after the launch of Soya Nuggets recently. Our aim is to innovate new products as per the changing taste of the consumers and palette. This will help us strengthen the portfolio range as we aim to deliver 3 folds revenue by 2023.”

“We launched Saffron, citing it’s a niche spice and has demand throughout the year peaking during winters. It has proven medicinal benefits specially in Ayurveda and has been put to use in traditional Indian cuisines”, added Mishra.

Accordingly data of Council of Scientific and Industrial Research Institute of Himalayan bioresource technology the consumption of Saffron is around 100 metric tonnes in India annually among which the southern part of the nation has highest share in it. Company expects high sell ratio in southern India and focus remains firm for the rest to take them into the ambit for accruing health benefits of this natural wonder herb and make India a country with composite health.

Saffron is a nature’s wonder full of plethora of nutritional components ranging from vitamin A, folic acid, riboflavin, niacin, and vitamin-C that enables an individual to build up both inner and physical strength at good pace. Saffron having its unique flavour and color is one of the last resort that aids in treating diseases in ayurveda and also used by households for thicker and stronger hair, fair skin and good muscular strength.


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