The Agriculture and Processed Food Export Development Authority (APEDA) has asked for offers from law firms specialized in registration and safeguarding of Intellectual Property to support the Basmati Export Development Foundation (BEDF) and APEDA in the task of registration and protection of Intellectual Property in respect of Basmati rice in India as well as abroad.

The chosen firm will be involved initially for a period of 2 years, states a notice released by the APEDA while the bids can be submitted by 31st May, 2021 (5 p.m.) to APEDA.

The scope of work includes advising BEDF/APEDA on the protection of Basmati and its varietal names which have been notified from time to time under the Seeds Act – 1961 vis-à-vis the total spectrum of Intellectual Property laws and aid in registration/protection of Basmati in India and abroad.

Monitoring of the national and international registers of trademarks and geographical indications (GIs) on third party attempts to register the Intellectual Property in Basmati and its varietal names, which have been notified periodically under the Seeds Act -1961 and take requisite action in India as well as abroad.

And, action against possible menaces to the name Basmati and its varietal names which have been notified from time to time under the Seeds Act -1961 in India and abroad via cease and desist notices, oppositions, cancellations, court actions or other modes of action along with representing BEDF/APEDA before the Courts of law in India and abroad, including the Geographical Indications Registry and the Trade Marks Registry and the Intellectual Property Appellate Board.

APEDAThe notice states that the selection of the successful bidder shall be relied upon technical and financial criteria. A Committee in APEDA will carry out screening of the technical bid and will shortlist the bidders fulfilling the suggested requirements. The shortlisted bidders will be required to make a technical presentation before the selection committee, prior to the ultimate selection.


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