As the country observed the National Nutrition Month, Amway India, took up several initiatives to emphasize the significance of nutritious meals for all. Through one of the major initiatives, ‘Cook for a Cause’, the company asked everyone to cook nutritious meals and supply them to the underprivileged persons in their respective neighbourhood.

During the past one month, the initiative saw people across age groups coming forward with varieties of home cooked meals and distributing then among the needy community.

Continuing with the spirit of ‘Joy of Giving Week’, the company has triumphantly finished its ‘Cook for a Cause’ campaign.

Anshu Budhraja, CEO of Amway India informed- “At Amway, assisting people live better, healthier lives, has been our leading principle since the beginning. Amway has always been determined to help the community by coming forward in the face of adversity. In India, we had established the ‘Power of Five’, a community-based global drive to look upon childhood malnutrition. The program has assisted the lives of about more than 40,000 beneficiaries.”

He further declared, “As per a recent study, incomes are driving extremely varied patterns of consumption of a healthy meal, which is even clearer in the view of the current global COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting limitations on movement and businesses. With Cook for a Cause, we targeted to fill the gap by making use of the power of partnership and offering meals to the endangered people in the community.

The campaign was run with extreme precautions to make sure that the distribution of the meals in nearby areas is being done responsibly while sticking to the Indian Government’s norms for social distancing. It was encouraging to notice that everyone in the Amway India family stepped forward and supported our endeavors to help the local communities.”

In the current unusual situation, the company influenced the power of developing online communities to give back to society. To motivate people to come forward to boost this drive, the company publicized the initiative through its social media channels. The company, through this initiative, desired to make sure that most of the people have one nutritious home-cooked meal at least.

As online communities develop in view of social distancing, the company is supporting the trend to bring people together digitally through various initiatives lined up with their fascinations. The company is aimed to recapitulate the noteworthiness of healthy living and nutritious eating while strengthening the essence and spirit of community building, to celebrate disparately while supporting others.


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