Amcor, a global leader in developing and producing responsible packaging solutions, has announced that its flexibles manufacturing plant in Londrina, Brazil, is the company’s first plant in Latin America to achieve International Sustainability and Carbon Certification Plus (ISSC Plus) status.

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With this certification, the expansive manufacturing facility of Amcor in Latin America gains the privilege of incorporating cutting-edge recycled materials throughout its range of products.

“We are continually exploring ways to increase the use of recycled content in our packaging,” said Ruben Melara, President, Amcor Flexibles Latin America. “The ISCC Plus certification will enable us to deliver advanced recycling materials across Latin America and expand the options for customers seeking more sustainable packaging solutions.”

This accomplishment further reinforces Amcor’s dedication to achieving a 30% recycled content target by 2030. It also aligns perfectly with the company’s sustainability pledge to ensure that all of its products are recyclable, reusable, or compostable by 2025.

ISCC PLUS standard is widely acknowledged by stakeholders as a reputable certification for recycled and bio-based materials. By ensuring traceability throughout the supply chain, the ISCC PLUS certification validates that companies adhere to environmental and social criteria. ISCC PLUS certification ensures that companies employing the mass balance approach adhere to predefined and transparent rules when it comes to their mass balance accounting.

The utilization of advanced recycling technology enables the transformation of plastic waste into entirely new products that exhibit equal quality and performance to those manufactured using virgin raw materials.

Customers gain the advantage of augmenting the utilization of circular content in their packaging while also experiencing peace of mind by adopting a more sustainable solution.

Amcor is a global leader in developing and producing responsible packaging solutions for food, beverage, pharmaceutical, medical, home and personal care, and other products. It works with leading companies around the world to protect their products and the people who rely on them, differentiate brands, and improve supply chains through a range of flexible and rigid packaging, specialty cartons, closures, and services.


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