Gujarat based ‘Alpino Health Foods’ produces and delivers a wide range of protein-rich salubrious food products that are vegan, gluten-free and yet, delectable. The brand is mainly acclaimed for its high protein peanut butter.

Prepared with 100% roasted peanuts, this gluten-free and vegan peanut butter has become a widely preferred choice of snack among people of almost all age groups. A variety of different varieties of peanut butter such as Chocolate, Classic, Coconut, Crunchy, Organic, and Smooth are offered to the customers so that everyone has a choice as per to their convenience and guilty pleasures. They also provide other health-giving products such as Apple Cider Vinegar, Organic Green Tea, and Super Muesli.

Established by a group of six college friends eagerly looking for a good source of nutrition, the brand became the first amongst its competitors to introduce an exhaustive array of fine quality products in the fitness segment within a brief time period of just 5 years.

Passionate for offering products with extra health benefits and deliciousness in one package, the brand supplies a variety of convenient and cost-efficient food choices for everyone to relish. It has established itself as a noteworthy name for products that are hygienically manufactured with the premium quality raw materials and strict quality control.

Chetan Kanani, the co-founder of Alpino Health Foods, was offered tribute by Forbes Asia as being one of the path-breaking entrepreneurs in the 30 under 30. The brand has been in negotiations with a number of angel investors to raise funds for future expansions and it will not be much before when they will be closing a round of investment and capture the market by storm.

Kanani informed- “The pandemic did not hamper Alpino’s sales growth. Even in 2020, Alpino was the go-to health foods brand amongst fitness enthusiasts and people looking to embrace a healthy lifestyle. Alpino successfully expanded its product range by introducing Organic Green Tea and India’s first Coconut Peanut Butter. These products proved to be a huge hit amongst their target group.”

“The sudden lockdown proved to be a hurdle at first. But the team overcame it by ensuring that all the product deliveries were under strict Covid guidelines. Alpino has a range of superfoods that are a rich source of protein and help boost the immune system. It proved to be beneficial as this was the need of the hour. A healthy snack to consume that was equally tasty while you are stuck at home,” he further added.


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