Alpenliebe, the flagship candy and lollipop brand from Perfetti Van Melle India (PVMI) has announced its collaboration with Universal Studios to introduce limited edition cream banana lollipop.

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Celebrating the success of recent megahit Minions: The Rise of Gru Box Office, PVMI is all set to delight Minion fans with limited-edition Alpenliebe Cream Banana Lollipop.

As part of this association, the brand has rolled out a special limited-edition variant with Minion themed packaging. The new packaging will also be visible in brands’ existing lollipop flavours – Strawberry and Caramel. In order to delight the Minion lovers across the country, the brand has introduced the new variant in banana flavour since banana is a big source of joy for Minions.

Launched in 1995, the brand has become a household name and is loved by kids and adults alike. Known for its rich indulgent taste, the brand endeavours to nurture bonds and bring hearts closer through everyday gestures. With the new limited-edition flavour, brand aims to provide a playful and differentiated experience to its customers.

The launch of the product is being supported by a digital campaign that captures the essence of the brand’s ‘Bringing hearts closer’ philosophy and drives home the distinctive banana flavour that the product offers. To enhance product resonance amongst brand’s younger audience, the brand has introduced exciting Minion inspired Augmented reality (AR) filter.

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Consumers can scan the QR code printed on the new packs and engage with family and friends with the Minion-inspired AR filter. The brand has also partnered with popular names in mom & kid influencer space to build awareness about the new pack.

Alpenliebe candies and lollipops offer a unique product experience. The rich and smooth milky taste appeals to the sweet tooth of both kids and adults. Its extensive flavour range, remarkable smooth texture and high quality packaging make Alpenliebe irresistible for everyone.

Available in almost 30 countries throughout the world, Alpenliebe is the preferred candy in China, India and other European and Asian markets. It comes in a large variety of textures, flavours and pack sizes.


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