Ahimsa Foods has now come up with Veggie Champ which is a plant-based gourmet meat brand. The company said that it is the first to debut into ‘mock meat’ production in the nation.

Since the last 12 years, the company is devoted to produce superior-quality gourmet vegetarian food which broadens the nutritional, textural and taste limits of vegetarians and can be relished by most die-heart meat lovers too.

The product provides protein-rich plant-based substitutes having more fibres than animal meat, and contains no cholesterol. Their menu includes more than 35 variants of Lacto Vegetarian and Vegan products with new inclusions every month. They offer alternatives to fish, mutton, chicken and prepare vegan hot dogs, salami, and kebab for both vegetarians as well as non- vegetarians.

The brand provides curry products such as Vegan Classic Chicken, Mock Mutton and Mock Duck, along with mock fish fillet, pepper salami and vegan burger made with amalgamations of soy, milk, wheat protein, mustard and spices. The frozen gourmets are not ready-to-eat, but can be prepared easily with minimum or no cooking oil.

The array of products includes Vegan Classic Chicken, a vegetarian alternative for chicken-based recipes priced at Rs 215. It has a distinct texture and the raw materials used are textured soya, soya protein, soya oil, spices and salt.

Vegan Mock Duck, priced at Rs 184 comes in a succulent tender texture where consumers can marinate with a marinade of their choice. It can be grilled or sauted till well heated or cooked in a curry and served with rice or chapati.

Vegan Mock Mutton is a vegetarian alternation for mutton-requiring recipes. The company stated it has both texture and flavour. The mock mutton, costing Rs 215 uses ingredients such as textured soya, soya and wheat protein, soya oil, spices, salt, flour.

Vegan Pepper Salami can be enjoyed as a cold cut with drinks, sandwiches or pizza and pasta topping at Rs 126.

The Vegan Tandoori Burger Patty can be utilized in a bun with mayonnaise, ketchup and lettuce or other condiments of your choice and it costs Rs 205.

The costs of Veg Tandoori Hotdog and the Vegan Mexican Fish Finger have been fixed as Rs 205 and Rs 220 respectively.

Veggie Champ offers door to door delivery services in three major cities- Delhi NCR, Mumbai and Hyderabad. It is also delivering via partners in other cities like Chennai, and they are deciding to extend their services to Pune, Bhopal, Uttarakhand, Chandigarh, Bengaluru and Jaipur soon.





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