Agrotop is a major global name in livestock turnkey projects. The company offers a full range of services for realizing livestock and agro-industry construction projects, while aiming on its clients’ goals and augmenting their business yields.

This leading global player in the poultry and livestock sector is planning to construct a new state-of-the-art meat processing plant for Chirina, Georgia’s largest food-producing firm.

This ready-to-eat (RTE) food processing plant will hopefully start operating within a year and will produce 8–10 tons of chicken products every day. The factory, which is going to be Georgia’s biggest, will generate sliced meats, sausages and cold cuts.

The new production center will be constructed in a modular way, allowing rapid expansion in future and will be built in a manner to make the production twice as per the market needs.

This initiative will permit Chirina to broaden its product line, which presently comprises of chicken meat and hatching eggs.

Agrotop has helped Chirina in purchasing modern apparatus for the 2,664 square meter production unit, which will offer employment to about 30 employees.

Chirina’s president, Revaz Vashakidze stated- “We have been working with Agrotop for more than a decade, since Chirina took its foremost step, and see this as a long-haul relationship. It was only natural for us to enlarge this collaboration and establish Georgia’s largest food processing plant. Our partnership is built on trust and undoubtedly we will continue to work mutually to fulfill more dreams.”

“Chirina is a model for a full vertical integration poultry complex encompassing the total production chain, from seed to fresh meat. The new production plant is equipped the most advanced technology, which comprises of an innovative ventilation concept and the ultra-modern feeding and drinking systems,” Gavriel Pelleg, Agrotop’s CMO and founding partner declared.
The Chirina poultry unit is the largest, most sophisticated agricultural green field project in Georgia. It amalgamates pullet, breeding and broiler farms potent of producing 5.65 million chickens.

The complex includes a compost site, feed mill, grain elevator, laboratory, modern hatchery, meat processing plant, and grain fields to grow 24,000 tons of live chickens annually which will be 80 % more than what is produced by the Georgia’s poultry plant.



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