Tummy Section, a casual and chic outlet in west Delhi known for its unique shawarmas, screaming fusion in all the possible ways. The restaurant has named their shawarmas as ‘Shawario’, which is their quirky re-invented avatar for Delhiites to eat and fall in love with. Presently running with 5 outlets, the restaurant is now planning to expand through a franchise model. They’re looking forward to go, pan–India by 2025, beginning from north India, followed by west, central and eastern parts of the country. They are striving to add 20 additional outlets every year for the coming five years to accomplish their milestone.

Initiated in 2009, the Tummy Section restaurant had a goal of fusing desi and videsi cooking styles to come up with something quirky and lip-smacking good. And that is how Shawarios came into existence and became Delhiites first love. Customers have showered loads of love on their Crunchwich, Cheeky Buns, and Ramly Range.

Their first outlet was instituted on Jail Road and witnessing its enormous success, Malviya Nagar was chosen as the second location since it caters to a same type of crowd.

The invention of Yash Suri, Pankaj Arora, and Nikhil Arora, it is basically every gang’s dream venture. This trio can be basically considered as the heart, mind, and soul of the restaurant, with Yash looking after the financial issues, Nikhil being the in-charge of creative section, and Pankaj holding the controls of operations.

It has been up and successfully running for 11 years and the trio declares- “We never realized how all this time passed by so quickly because we love what we do, it never seemed like work to us. We have loved doing things in union and observing our baby’s growth into such a big brand.”

Their journey has been very smooth since all the three owners have very meticulously divided the responsibilities as per their skill sets. They have flawlessly harmonized their ideas and style of working over the years and that’s exquisitely the key to their massive success.

Just like any business, the restaurant has its own share of highs and lows but the right bunch of people in the team and good training assist the owners in achieving their desired goal. Their products are greatly standardized at all their outlets and that is what makes the restaurant what it is today.

A few of the most famous dishes being served here include- Chicken Shawario, Ramly Burgers, and their Creamy Chicken Lollipops. The motive behind menu curation at the restaurant was largely aimed on delivering what Delhiites love but in an uncommon manner.


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