Mirakle, a new entrant in the immunity booster drink segment, is set forth to sail through the market by a Coimbatore based firm called ABT Ltd. Mirakle, comes handy in mango flavour filled with goodness of Mango and Gulpable Pulps.

After seeking approval from FSSAI, product has now set-sail through the market at reasonable price of Rs 50 for its sugar filled and Rs 60 for Sugar-free variant. Product is available in tetra packs, on shelves of Tamil Nadu and Nearby regions.

Mirakle will also be available on E-commerce sites such as Healthkart.com and its own Mirakle.life.com.

Vitamin C is a Vitamin that is widely consumed these days and it proves to be the best saviour against infections and helps combat them. This product has highest concentration of Vitamin C, than any other product in this range. The best part of this product is the delivery of vitamin C in the cells using liposomal methods. Liposomal method is a new method that enhances the uptake of vitamin C by the body cells.

Through this drink, the body will be enhanced with enough tools to handle any infection either viral or bacterial; it will aid in managing toxins in one’s body and other associated diseases. The product is positioned today not aimed at any particular malady; it is an immunity enhancer to help the body to cope with any external or internal threat.

Dr Manickam Mahalingam, chairman, ABT Limited,said, “It gives us immense pleasure in bringing this health drink amongst us all in a time like this. Given the viral infections that are being discovered every-day, coupled with our current lifestyle, there is a dire need to stress on building and improving one’s immunity. Mirakle is a supplement that can help boost one’s immunity and fight diseases which is the need of the hour. Mirakle contains Liposomes, which are 4 times more effective than an average IV drip and in addition is 20 times more effective than oral delivery Vitamin-C methods.”


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