Masterchef Winner Abinas Nayak, the pride of Odisha and Rroshashala, brings Odisha to Mumbai with the launch of his premium Odia range – Oddiyana.

Oddiyana is a brand under the umbrella of Rroshashala Foods Pvt Ltd which was started by Sauhitya Garabadu, Abinas Nayak and Rishe Raj Singh in September 2022. This is a cloud kitchen operating in Mumbai which focuses on popularizing Odia cuisines. After the success of other brands – Pots56 (Odia Homely Meals), Birinjz (Specialized Biriyanis), Pakkhtun (A tribute to foods of Silk route) and Bliss O Bowls (North Indian Homely Meals), it has finally launched India’s Best Kept Secret Cuisine Range – Odia Foods under the banner of Oddiyana.

Oddiyana, which means ‘the land of Odisha’, is a quick service restaurant serving authentic Odia cuisine in a contemporary setting. The restaurant will be eco-friendly, with 100% compostable packaging and a zero carbon cooking range.

Odisha is a land of food lovers and the cuisine is a reflection of that. With its unique blend of sweet, sour, salty and spicy flavours, Odia cuisine is sure to tantalize everyone’s taste buds.

Currently Oddiyana is available for Dine-In and Delivery from the Powai Outlet and gradually it will increase its presence to Navi Mumbai and other regions of Mumbai. It will soon be available on Zomato and Swiggy for faster delivery and widespread reach.


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