AB InBev India, the leading beer and beverage company, has announced the introduction of a new range of fruit-flavored beers from Hoegaarden that is a play on the original brew infused with fruity variations – as reported in indianretailer.

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The range introduces two flavors: Rosée and Nectarine, which bring alive the notes of Raspberry and Peach. The introduction of Hoegaarden Flavours further strengthens AB InBev’s leadership position in India’s premium, super premium beer category. It reaffirms the company’s goal of developing the industry through new and innovative product offerings. Hoegaarden Flavours will be priced at Rs 195 for a 330 ml pint and Rs 230 for a 500 ml can in Karnataka and Rs 220 for a 330 ml pint and Rs 275 for a 500 ml can in Maharashtra.

Vineet Sharma, VP Marketing – South Asia, AB InBev, said, “We are delighted to introduce two delicious flavors from Hoegaarden, ‘Nectarine’ and ‘Rosée’ that combines Hoegaarden’s strong brewing heritage, connection with nature, and the highest quality ingredients. Considering the shift in consumer preferences towards flavored beers and experimentation, this is an incredible opportunity for us to shape the wheat beer category in India through innovations that meet consumers’ needs better than ever before. We are confident that the launch of Hoegaarden Flavours will elevate consumer experiences with high-quality, differentiated offerings and further strengthen our leadership position in the beer industry.”

Bursting with flavors that accentuate Hoegaarden’s characteristic citrusy-spiced notes, this range of fruit-forward beers is the perfect experience for indulgence and rejuvenation. An explosion of peach and raspberry flavors blend with the Witbier in every sip to create a delicious beer experience like no other. The wheat beer segment is expected to grow at 20 percent annually, primarily driven by millennials who prefer a repertoire of offerings and are more open to experimentation, paving the way for the market to carve out a niche for itself.

With the launch of Hoegaarden flavors, AB InBev India is capitalizing on the growing consumer trend for styles and flavors. India’s beer culture continues to flourish with new trends and experiences, and the consumer mindset is evolving to become more experimental. Hoegaarden has been gaining popularity amongst novelty seekers, and Hoegaarden Flavors is a natural progression to the brand’s journey in India. This new range is added to the global brand’s family and its non-alcohol variants, Hoegaarden 0.0 and Rosée 0.0.


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