Rajasthan-based Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) provider firm, SunAlpha Energy has notified that it has installed around 12 MW solar capacities for assisting the operations of food processing sector to date. The PV plants cover more than 12 lakh square feet of roof space and conserve more than 12 crore rupees annually for these clients.

SunAlpha Energy targets to surpass 30 MW of installed PV capacity for the food processing sector by the end of the financial year 2020-21, allowing the customers to save at least 30 crore rupees every year. It will also be focusing on food storage units.

SunAlpha Energy co-founder and director Puneet Goyal informed- “In 20-21 fiscal, 3.5 MW of solar capacities has been planted until now. Of the total 30 MW goal, 12 MW has already been installed, 9 MW is under construction and another 9 MW is under various phases of financial closure.”

Considering the solar potential in food processing sector he declared- “The rising population (demanding surge in production to cater the population) and high priced fuels have generated chances for using alternative energies for post-harvest food processing operations. Food processing has a vital role in connecting Indian farmers to consumers in the domestic as well as in international markets. The industry has provided employment to about 18.50 lakh people in around 39,748 registered units. There are more than 18 food parks across 14 states to aid in escalating investments in the food sector.”

SunAlpha Energy aims at wheat and flour, edible oils and spice processing facilities related clients.

In November of 2019, SunAlpha Energy introduced Easy EMI (equated monthly installment) financing provision for rooftop solar power plants so that the adoption easier of solar power becomes easier and affordable for homes as well as for small businesses.


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